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Inertial Pumps

Foot Valves

Standard Flow System

High Flow System

Low Flow System

Micro Flow System


Lever Pump


PowerPack PP1


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Teflon (FEP)

Tool & Accessories

Valve Wrench

Tubing Cutter

Surge Blocks

VOC Tubing

Disposable Filters







Submersible Pumps

Standard Performance

WSP-12V-1 (Cyclone)

WSP-12V-2M (Mini-Typhoon)

WSP-12V2 (Typhoon)

WSP-12V-3 (Tempest)

WSP-12V-4 (Mini-Monsoon)

WSP-12V-3B (Super Twister)

WSP-12V-5 (Tornado)


Standard Performance Controllers

PA-10800 (Low Flow Sampling Controller)


High Performance

WSP-19V-2 (Mega-Typhoon)

WSP-24V-3 (Tsunami)

WSP-24V-4 (Monsoon)

WSP-24V-5 (Hurricane)

WSP-24V-6 (Mega-Monsoon)


High Performance Controllers

PA-10600 (Power Booster 1)

PA-10650 (Low Flow with Power Booster 1 Controller)

PA-10700 (Power Booster 2)

PA-10750 (Low Flow with Power Booster 2 Controller)

PA-10850 (Low Flow with Power Booster 3 Controller)


Stainless Steel

WSP-SS-60NC (SS Mini-Monsoon-60)

WSP-SS-80NC (SS Mini-Monsoon-80)

WSP-SS-100NC (SS Mini-Monsoon-100)

WSP-SS-100 (SS Mega-Typhoon)

WSP-SS-120 (SS Monsoon)

WSP-SS-150 (SS Hurricane)

WSP-SS-180 (SS Mega-Monsoon)


Stainless Steel Controllers

Pro Booster #1

PA-10660 (Low Flow with Power Booster 1 "LCD")

PA-10670 (Low Flow with Power Booster 2 "LCD")

PA-10675 (Low Flow with Power Booster 2.5 "LCD")

PA-10680 (Low Flow with Power Booster 3 "LCD")


Narrow Diameter

WSP-12V-ND70 (Supernova 70™)

WSP-12V-ND120 (Supernova 120™)

Well Tapes

Water Level Sensors

WS-2 Closed Reel

WS-2 Open Reel

WS-2 ReelCase


Oil/Water Interface Sensors

HS-2 Closed Reel

HS-2 Open Reel


Samplers & Well Caps


Clear PVC EcoBailer

Weighted Polyethylene EcoBailer

Clear PVC Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailer

No-Purge Samplers

What is a HydraSleeve?

2" HydraSleeves

4" HydraSleeves


HydraSleeve Weights


Environmental Well Caps


Vapour Sampling EcoPlug™

Enviro Cap™

Grip 'n Lock


Peristaltic Pumps

Spectra Field-Pro

Pegasus Alexis®

Pegasus Athena®




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Product Applications


Capping Wells

Collapsed Wells

Conventional Sampling

Drivepoint Sampling

Hydrocarbon Detection

Metals Sampling



VOC Sampling

Water Level Detection

Well Development

Well Sediment Removal


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