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Monument Casings and Adapter

Protection For Your Well Casings

A PVC well casing that extends above ground is vulnerable to damage and tampering. Waterra carries a 4 foot (1.2 m) ) Monument Casings to protect such well completions as illustrated below.

Waterra - Monument Casing

Let’s get started...

A 4 foot (1.2 m) completion works well with a 1 - 2 foot (30 - 60cm) burial depth.

To circumvent the lock ring you will need an monument Casing Adapter to hang a Hydrolift or Power Pack

Waterra Words of Wisdom

  • An exposed PVC well with an above ground completion really should be protected to prevent tampering and compromising of your sample program.
  • Monument casing like the ones depicted above interfere with a Hydrolift because the lock ring gets in the way and the sides are angled.
  • A simple Monument Casing Adapter as depicted below basically steps over the lock ring and provides a square base to affix the Hydrolift.
  • The casings should be set 1-2 feet into concrete, and the concrete should be deep enough to be below the frost line.

Monument Casing Well Protectors with locking tabs

Monument Casings provide a stable and secure protective covering for your PVC monitoring well. The hinged lid allows 360 degree access to the monitoring well and can also be secured closed with a padlock. The padlock is protected by a rain shield.

MC4 - 44” square x 4’ longPainted Steel Construction

Waterra Monument Casing Adapter

Waterra has created the Monument Casing Adapter in order to facilitate the mounting of testing equipment on protective Monument Casings. Protective Monument Casing often have a hasp on the front side so that a padlock can be used to lock the casing to prevent tampering and the sides are cut at an angle.

The part of the Hasp called the Staple or Loop often creates problems when attempting to mount equipment on the casing as this part protrudes from the front of the casing. This is especially a problem for Waterra equipment like the Hydrolift and Powerpack.

Waterra monument casing adaptor

The Monument Casing Adapter is hung off of the front edge of the Monument Casing such that it steps over the Staple and it provide a stable straight edge and front surface for mounting testing equipment.

Waterra Hydrolift Pump on Monument Casing

The Monument Casing Adapter is constructed from aluminium and stainless steel.

Monument Casing Accessories

Lockable Well Plugs 2 & 4 inch

Lockable Well Plugs 2 & 4 inch

Vapour Sampling Well Plug- 2 inch

Vapour Sampling Well Plug- 2 inch

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