APPLICATION: capping wells - well protection



1" and 2" EcoPlugs

In some cases increased levels of well protection are necessary. This can be achieved to some degree by using the EcoPlug™ recycled well plug.

The EcoPlug™ fits inside the PVC well and uses a lead screw to compress a rubber gasket which securely fastens the cap to the PVC well. The lead screw is then held in place and prevented from being unscrewed by attaching a padlock to the cap. The EcoPlug™ well caps are relatively inexpensive, however they do require more clearance at the top of the well and that can be an issue if the well is installed in a manhole or a protective casing. In addition, although the EcoPlug™ is constructed entirely from plastic and does not corrode, the same can not be said for most padlocks.

The EcoPlug™ provides fastening points within the well for attaching equipment that may need to be suspended in the well.