APPLICATION: conventional sampling

SUGGESTED SOLUTION 1: the waterra inertial pump


Full lineup of Waterra Foot Valves: High Flow, Standard Flow, Low Flow and Micro flow systems


The Waterra Inertial Pump is a simple device that can deliver a water sample from the very small diameter reconnaissance piezometers all the way up to wells as large as 4" ID.


All models of this pump are operated in the same manner:

A simple check valve or foot valve is attached the bottom end of a length of plastic tubing. The tubing is inserted in the well with the valve submerged beneath the water table. The tubing is oscillated up and down over a short range of motion. This oscillation imparts upward momentum to the water in the tubing during the upward stroke and more water enters during the downward stroke. This builds a rising column of water and can generate flows of up to 3 gpm from depths of up to 300 feet, depending on the size of system selected. (Flow rates and lifts vary, parameters that effect flow rate include depth of submergence, lift, well casing diameter and pump tubing and valve diameters.)

APPLICATION: collapsed or obstructed wells

SUGGESTED SOLUTION 2: waterra disposable bailers


Selection of Waterra Disposable Bailers: Clear PVC EcoBailers, Weighted Polyethylene EcoBailers and Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailers


Waterra Disposable Bailers are an excellent option where a pump is not suited for sampling. Waterra offers both PVC and polyethylene bailers in a range of sizes. Materials include. Bailers are very simple devices that can be used to collect water samples from almost any size well.


The bailer is simply lowered into the monitoring well by means of a cord or rope. The bailer is usually allowed to sink to the screened portion of the well. At this point, the bailer can be removed from the well, as it will contain the sample. The sample may be removed from the bailer with the use of a bottom emptying device or it can be poured from the top of the bailer by carefully tipping it. Disposable bailers are inexpensive and can either be dedicated to wells or disposed of after use.

APPLICATION: collapsed or obstructed wells

SUGGESTED SOLUTION 3: 12 volt submersible pumps


WSP 12v1 Cyclone Standard Performance 12 volt submersible pump


Waterra 12 Volt Submersible Pumps are a new alternative for collecting groundwater samples. These pumps are inexpensive, portable and easy to operate. The 12 Volt Pump can be used to purge and sample in monitoring wells 2" or larger. A range of these products are available that can provide lifts of up to 100 feet. These units require a 12 volt DC power supply and 1/2" OD plastic tubing.


The pump is easily attached to the plastic tubing and lowered into the well to the desired depth. The pump is then connected to the power supply. Flow rates will vary with the lift, increasing lift decreases flow rates.

As always, a Waterra technician would be happy to help configure a system to your specific application.