APPLICATION: hydrocarbon detection & measurement

SUGGESTED SOLUTION: HS-2 oil/water interface sensors

HS-2 Open Reel


Waterra makes a sophisticated, high quality hydrocarbon and water discrimination instrument called the Waterra HS-2 Oil/Water Interface Sensor. It consists of a reel mounted graduated tape attached to a stainless steel probe. The probe incorporates sophisticated ultrasonic technology which has been shown to be more sensitive in a broader range of hydrocarbon products than conventional optical systems.

When the probe encounters liquid, it either triggers a light and a buzzer informing the operator that the probe is in water or a different light and a different buzzer tone are emitted informing the operator that the probe is in hydrocarbons. The depth of the probe below the top of the well can be quickly determined by reading the measurement on the graduated tape. Hydrocarbon layers as thin as 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) can be detected.

The HS-2 Open Reel is available with tapes in metric units of 30, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300 or 500 meters or 100 or 250 feet.

The HS-2 Closed Reel is only available with either a 30 meter or a 100 foot tape.


The HS-2 is carried to the well and the stainless steel probe is removed from its holder. The probe is then lowered down the well by feeding the tape off the reel. When liquid is encountered, the ultrasonic sensor detects the liquid and a secondary test confirms whether the liquid is conductive (water) or non-conductive (hydrocarbon). Typically, one finds and then zeros in on each interface between air, hydrocarbon and water within the well as guided by the distinct lights and buzzer tones emitted from the reel as one fine tunes the position of the probe depth. The exact depth of each interface can be obtained by recording the reading on the marker tape that corresponds to the top of the casing or other suitable reference mark.