SUGGESTED SOLUTION: waterra inertial pump


Lineup of Waterra Foot Valves: High Flow and Standard Flow systems

The Waterra Inertial Pumping System is widely used for purge and sampling applications as it is a cost efficient, effective way of purging and then sampling using the same equipment. The system is best in 2 inch (5 cm) wells and smaller, although in shallow four inch wells (10 cm) it can be a good system as well.

To purge a 2 inch (5 cm) well, the usual arrangement would require either the Standard Flow System or the High Flow System, each of which consists of a foot valve, some tubing and a drive mechanism to reciprocate the tubing and valve up and down.


The Standard Flow System usually consists of:


The High Flow System usually consists of:


The valve is securely threaded into the tubing. The tubing is then inserted into the well, valve first. The tubing is fed down to the depth of the screened interval and then cut about six feet (2m) above the top of the well. The drive mechanism should be affixed to the well head and the tubing connected to drive mechanism at both the reciprocating arm and the fixed discharge on the drive mechanism. Pumping is initiated by turning on the drive mechanism or pumping by hand at the rate corresponding to the desired flow. The advantage of the mechanized drive systems is the fact that whilst purging, the field person is available to do other tasks.


Four inch (10 cm) wells and larger hold a lot of water, especially if they are deep, and are usually best purged with high volume electric submersible pumps.

As always, a Waterra technician would be happy to help configure a system to your specific application.