SUGGESTED SOLUTION 1: waterra inertial pump and VOC tubing


Illustration of a Lever Pump attached to a well, showing water being pumped through VOC tubing, which is itself inside Standard or High Flow tubing.

Waterra has developed an effective and efficient means of collecting VOC samples using the Waterra Inertial Pumping System and a length of VOC tubing . This system has been used in countless groundwater sampling programs through the years and independent studies have shown validity of the data collected by these means.


The essence of the system is to complete the applicable pre-sampling protocol whether it be the classic "purge three well volumes" or "pump until stability of well water parameters is achieved" or other protocol using the Waterra Inertial Pumping System. When ready to collect the VOC sample, continue pumping but insert the VOC sampling tube up into the Waterra Tubing. In effect, the VOC tube allows one to siphon off a sample from within the continuous vertical water column and direct the resulting laminar flow into the VOC sample vial.

SUGGESTED SOLUTION 2: disposable bailers


Selection of Waterra Disposable Bailers: Clear PVC EcoBailers, Weighted Polyethylene EcoBailers and Hydrocarbon Recovery EcoBailers


Waterra is aware that some groundwater investigators collect VOC samples using bailers. Waterra premium quality Disposable Bailers are inexpensive and suffer no disadvantage relative to other bailers on the market.