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Double Valve eco Bailer Groundwater Interval Sampler

eco Bailer groundwater sampling carried by Waterra

Double Valve Clear eco Bailer: Groundwater Interval Sampler

Double valved eco Bailers are designed to drop down the water column in a monitoring well allowing water to pass through. At the designated depth, the bailer’s downward descent is stopped and the bailer is then smoothly recovered to surface. But because there is both an upper valve and a lower valve, the water trapped between the valves is water from the interval in which the descent of the bailer was stopped. The valves prevent the “trapped” water from mixing with other water on the way out of the well.

All bailers are PFAS, PFOS & PFOA free.

Adapts to Disposable Filters

All Clear PVC eco Bailers are easily adapted to the Waterra 0.45 micron Groundwater Filters for collection of samples for metals analysis directly from the bailer.

A short length of 1/4″ OD or 1/2” OD LDPE tubing along with the Bottom Emptying Spout can be used to easily connect a Waterra Groundwater Filter to the bailer. This allows the bailed sample to flow by gravity directly through the filter and into a sample container. In many cases a 1 litre sample can be filtered in under 2 minutes using this method.

Let’s get started...

Choose one of the 3 lengths offered 1, 3 or 4 foot lengths

Make sure the eco Bailer diameter is smaller than the inner well diameter.

Do you need Bailer Cord or Filters for your field work?

Waterra Words of Wisdom

  • Use a smooth hand over hand technique to minimize sample agitation when recovering your sample from the well
  • We don’t recommend tipping over the bailer to decant your sample from the top of the bailer as it aerates the sample and is tricky to handle the bailer. Use eco Bailer VOC Tip
  • Waterra Groundwater Filters work very nicely with the eco Bailers

Clear PVC Double Valve eco Bailer - Fast Sinking

The Clear PVC eco Bailer for sampling groundwater is as heavy (or heavier) than conventional weighted bailers without the addition of bulky and costly weights. A better weight distribution allows the Clear PVC eco Bailer to sink straighter and the efficient valve design makes it the fastest sinking bailer available.

  • available in 3 lengths: 1,3 and 4 feet
  • faster sinking than polyethylene bailers
  • clear tube allows sample inspection within the bailer
  • connects directly to inline filters for easy filtration, no pressurization needed
  • requires less material to produce, resulting in less waste and cost to the environment
  • PVC ball with no leakage
  • PFAS, PFOS & PFOA free

eco Bailers are made of clear virgin PVC with a density of 1.31 grams per cubic centimeter versus polyethylene, which has a specific gravity of 0.96 to 0.98.

Since PVC is also transparent (whereas polyethylene is translucent), when you use Clear PVC eco Bailers you can inspect your sample while it’s still in the bailer.

Clear PVC Double Valve eco Bailers

eco Bailer groundwater sampling - Double Valve Clear PVC carried by Waterra
1.5 inch (38mm) OD1.5 inch (38mm) OD1.5 inch (38mm) OD
• 1 foot (25cm)
• 345 ml
• 24 per case
• 3 feet (76cm)
• 1025 ml
• 24 per case
• 4 feet (102cm)
• 1365 ml
• 24 per case

eco Bailer Accessories

Waterra 0.45 Micron Groundwater Filter

Waterra 0.45 Micron Groundwater Filter

Waterra Graduated Cord

Waterra Graduated Cord

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