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eco Bailers for Sampling Groundwater

eco Bailer for Ground Water Sampling by waterra

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eco Bailers for Sampling Groundwater

Waterra carries a large inventory of eco Bailers for sampling groundwater needs. All bailers are PFAS, PFOS & PFOA free.

Bailers are a very simple, inexpensive device used to collect groundwater samples from piezometers and monitoring wells. They are simply a tube with a bottom valve that is attached to a retrieving line or cord and allowed to drop into the water column to the desired depth. When the desired depth is attained, the ball in the tube seats thereby trapping the water in the tube. Recover the bailer and trapped water using the retrieving line or cord.

There are 4 classes of eco Bailers:

  • Clear PVC – regular or heavy wall to sink faster
  • Polyethylene – regular or weighted to sink faster
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery
  • Double Valve – Groundwater Interval Sampler

Bottom Emptying

These bailers are designed with a special valve and valve seat to provide more positive sealing and less clogging when removing the bailer from the well. All  bailers, including the narrow 0.5 inch (12.5 mm)and 0.7 inch (18mm), come with the handy Bottom Emptying Spout. It assists in collecting non-aerated samples from the valve end of the bailer, which is ideal for VOC sample collection. Note the Hydrocarbon Recovery Bailers are not bottom emptying.

Adapts to Disposable Filters

All Clear PVC eco Bailers are easily adapted to the Waterra 0.45 micron Groundwater Filters for collection of samples for metals analysis directly from the bailer.

A short length of 1/4″ OD or 1/2” OD LDPE tubing along with the Bottom Emptying Spout can be used to easily connect a Waterra Groundwater Filter to the bailer. This allows the bailed sample to flow by gravity directly through the filter and into a sample container. In many cases, a 1 litre sample can be filtered in under 2 minutes using this method.

Choose one of the 4 types of eco Bailers:

Clear PVC &
Clear PVC - PRO
(wide mouth)
Regular and Thick Wall (Weighted)
  • Clear PVC eco Bailer Groundwater Sampler

    Clear PVC eco Bailer Groundwater Sampler

    $USD 79.00$USD 174.30
PRO (wide mouth)
Regular and Weighted
  • Polyethylene eco Bailers Groundwater Sampler
Double Valve
Clear PVC
Groundwater Interval Sampler
  • Double Valve eco Bailer Groundwater Interval Sampler
Hydrocarbon Recovery Clear PVC
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery eco Bailers

    Hydrocarbon Recovery eco Bailers

    $USD 105.00$USD 152.25

Eco Bailer Accessories

Waterra 0.45 Micron Groundwater Filter

Waterra 0.45 Micron Groundwater Filter

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