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Submersible Pumps from Waterra

Groundwater Sampling Submersible Pumps

Waterra carries 12 volt Submersible Pumps that are designed specifically for well purging and sampling procedures for groundwater monitoring programs. Numerous models are available including Standard Performance Plastic and High Performance Plastic, Narrow Diameter Plastic and Stainless Steel pumps to meet your specific needs.

All of these pumps can greatly speed up the process of purging and sampling monitoring wells, especially if dedicated installations are used. These pumps are complete and ready to use.


Submersible Pumps are comprised of three elements:

  1. Submersible Pump
  2. Tubing
  3. Controller

Plus an optional Non-Return Check Valve and optional Low Flow Control Valve

Note: make sure your Submersible Pump is married to a compatible controller.

Let’s get started...

Choosing the right Pump and Controller can be tricky
We have a layout below to help sort that out
We are here to help. Call us or one of our distributors

Waterra Words of Wisdom

  • First choice is Plastic versus Stainless Steel and then choose based on the lift
  • Pumps do about 0.25 gpm (1 Litre) at maximum lift. Want a higher flow rate? Choose a pump with a bigger lift.
  • Choose the pump best suited for your application and match it with the appropriate controller
  • Plastic Submersible Pumps can use LDPE Standard Flow and LDPE Low Flow Waterra Tubing
  • Stainless Steel Pumps will only accept LDPE Low Flow Waterra Tubing

Submersible Pumps Selection Guide

You can select a pump by your lift requirement in light blue eg. 25 ft / 8 m which is the lift in feet and metric equivalent. These links will guide you to the matching controller as well.

Submersible Pumps

Standard PlasticHigh Performance Plastic
Stainless steel
Narrow Diameter Plastic
1.82 inch diameter 1.82 inch diameter 1.82 inch diameter 1.44 inch diameter
Lift < 100 ft / 30m Lift <200 ft / 61mLift <180 ft / 55mLift <120 ft / 37m
25ft / 8m
40ft / 12m
50ft / 15m
60ft / 18m60ft / 18m
70ft / 21m70ft / 21m
80ft / 24m
85ft / 26m
100ft / 31m100ft / 31m100ft / 31m
120ft / 37m120ft / 37m120ft / 37m
150ft / 46m150ft / 46m
180ft / 55m
200ft / 61m


Standard Plastic
High Performance Plastic
Stainless steel
Narrow Diameter Plastic
Up to 100 ft / 30 mUp to 200 ft / 61 m Up to 180 ft / 55 mUp to 120 ft / 37 m
12 V Battery Required12 V Battery Required12 V Battery Required12 V Battery Required
Optional Standard Performance
Require High Performance
Most Require Stainless Steel ControllersRequire Controllers
PA-10800 PA-10700ProBooster1PA-10800
PA-10750 PA-10675or
PA-10850 PA-10680PA-10750

Pumps For Specific Well Depths

Standard Performance Pumps – Plastic

Maximum LiftPump Model
25ft / 8mWSP-12V-1 (Cyclone)
40ft / 12mWSP-12V-2M (Mini-Typhoon)
50ft / 15mWSP-12V-2 (Typhoon)
60ft / 18mWSP-12V-3 (Tempest)
70ft / 21mWSP-12V-4 (Mini-Monsoon)
85ft / 26mWSP-12V-3B (Super Twister)
100ft / 31mWSP-12V-5 (Tornado)

High Performance Pumps – Plastic

Maximum LiftPump Model
100ft / 31mWSP-24V-3 (Tsunami)
120ft / 37mWSP-24V-4 (Monsoon)
150ft / 46mWSP-24V-5 (Hurricane)
180ft / 55mWSP-24V-6 (Mega-Monsoon)

Stainless Steel Pumps

Narrow Diameter Plastic

Maximum LiftPump Model
70ft / 21m WSP-12V-ND70 (ND Supernova 70)
120ft / 37m WSP-12V-ND120 (ND Supernova 120)

Submersible Pump Accessories

For use with Submersible pumps

Non-Return Check-valve

Low Flow Control Valve for Submersible pumps

Low Flow Control Valve

Waterra LDPE Standard Flow Tubing

Waterra LDPE-Standard Flow-Tubing

Waterra LDPE Low Flow Tubing

Waterra LDPE-Low Flow-Tubing

Tubing Cutters

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