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WS-2 Maintenance

WS-2 battery replacement

The WS-2 ReelCase is powered by four Duracell AA alkaline batteries which are contained within the hub of the unit.

remove screws from Front Panel

The batteries can be accessed by removing the two screws located on the Front Panel above and below the label. Remove these screws with a Phillips screwdriver and then carefully lift the Front Panel from the front hub. Turn the Front Panel upside down and place the two screws in the panel.

remove screws from Main Circuit Board

The battery pack is located on the rear side of the Main Circuit Board which is now exposed. You must remove the four screws which hold the Main Circuit Board in place to gain access to the battery pack. Remove the two screws at the top and the two screws at the bottom of the Main Circuit Board and place them in the Front Panel.

pry off Main Circuit Board

Remove the Main Circuit Board by using a small flat screwdriver and placing the blade of the screwdriver under the edge of the Main Circuit Board, alternating from the left side then the right side of the board. This will disconnect the board from the two connectors located on the back side.

replace batteries

Once the Main Circuit Board is removed, turn it over and replace the worn AA cells with four fresh Duracell AA batteries. Be sure to orient the batteries in accordance with the directions supplied on the battery pack. Return the Main Circuit Board to the reel by carefully lining up the pins with the connectors (4 pin connector on the left, 6 pin connector on the right) and press the Main Circuit Board into position.

replace circuitboard and all screws

Replace the four screws in the Main Circuit Board. Replace the Front Panel to the hub and return the two screws to the correct holes, above and below the label. Care must be taken not to over tighten the screws. Over tightening may strip the threads from this part.

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