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Waterra eDNA Filter Shaker

$USD 550.00$USD 695.00

Waterra eDNA Filter Shaker

The Waterra eDNA Filter Shaker is used to agitate buffer injected into Waterra eDNA Filters. This shaking exposes the buffer to eDNA that was trapped in the filter media during the sampling phase.

  • Efficient tool for field processing of eDNA filter samples
  • Portable and battery-operated for easy transport
  • Built on a high-quality Bosch hand tool.
  • Comes with OR without a charger and a spare battery to save shipping charges, especially for international customers.
  • Rugged construction for field use

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Waterra eDNA Filter Shaker

Introducing the Waterra eDNA Filter Shaker, an essential handheld tool designed for seamless eDNA Filter sample processing in the field. This innovative shaker efficiently agitates the buffer within the filter, exposing the trapped eDNA from the sampling phase.

Why Choose Waterra eDNA Filters?

Waterra eDNA filters offer a distinct advantage due to their expansive filter media surface area, enabling the processing of substantial water volumes. This feature proves invaluable when tracking low-density eDNA targets.

Efficient Sample Collection Techniques:

Our recommended method involves connecting a suction-type pump (with various Waterra options to choose from) to the filter’s outlet and drawing water through it. This action effectively captures water-borne eDNA within the filter media.

Simple Field Sample Processing:

Upon pumping the required volume through the Waterra eDNA filter, seal one end with end caps/plugs. Then, using a Waterra syringe and syringe adapter, inject buffer into the opposite end, capping or plugging it afterward to secure the buffer. Next, insert the filter into the filter holder ring, ensuring that the gussets align under the filter ends with gaps in the ring.

Operating the Shaker:

Hold the Shaker horizontally, activate it with the finger trigger for approximately 15 seconds, and then slide the filter out slightly. Rotate it 90 degrees to align with the next set of gussets and activate the trigger for another 15 seconds.

Effortless Buffer Extraction:

To extract the buffer, remove the plug or end cap from the end opposite the one that received the buffer. Employ the Waterra syringe and syringe adapter to introduce air into the filter, effectively pushing the buffer out into a sample container from the opposite end.

Included Filter Buffer End Caps:

Each Waterra eDNA filter package includes two end caps/plugs, ensuring secure containment of eDNA-preserving buffers within the filter capsule.

Explore More About Waterra eDNA Filters:

For further information on Waterra eDNA Filters, delve deeper into our product range and discover the advantages they offer for your environmental DNA research needs.

Learn More about Waterra eDNA Filters

Additional information

Weight 0.22 lbs
Dimensions 5.1 × 3 × 3 in
With or Without Charger & Battery

with Charger and Battery, without Charger and Battery

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