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How to Detect Water Level in Monitoring Wells

Use a Waterra WS-2 Water Level Sensor

How to Detect Water Level far below surface is the water level is easily solved by using Waterra Water Level Sensors.

Waterra makes a high quality water level detection instrument called the Waterra WS-2 Water Level Sensor. It consists of a reel mounted graduated tape attached to a stainless steel probe. When the probe encounters water it triggers a light and a buzzer informing the user that the probe is in water. The depth of the probe below the top of the well can be quickly determined by reading the measurement on the graduated tape.

Waterra Water Level Sensor tapes are available in metric or imperial graduations and in lengths of up to 300 feet (100 m) and in Polyethylene coated graduated tapes. Kynar coated (tougher but not PFAS free) are available by special request.. There are two reel configurations as illustrated below.

Closed Reel

Open Reel

Procedure For Water Level Detection Using A Waterra WS-2 Water Level Sensor

  • At the well, remove the stainless steel probe from its holder.
  • Lower the probe down the well by feeding the tape off the reel
  • When the water table is reached, the conductivity of the water completes the electrical circuit in the probe triggering an indicator light and a buzzer on the reel
  • Zero-in on the exact level by making small adjustments to the depth of the probe.
  • Record the reading on the marker tape that corresponds to the top of the casing or other suitable reference mark.

Waterra WS-2 Water Level Sensor Animation

Waterra Words of Wisdom

  •  Kynar coated tapes are more durable and available by special request.
  • But…… Kynar is a fluorocarbon (PVDF) so if PFOA or PFAS are concerns at your site, you will want to stick with a polyethylene tape
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