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Peristaltic Groundwater Sampling Pump

Peristaltic Groundwater Sampling Pump for Shallow Use

Waterra carries the Fieldpro Peristaltic Groundwater Sampling Pump because it is quite easy to use but peristaltic pump lift is more limited than other devices. They work by reducing the pressure in the sample tubing. Water rises up the tubing to equalize the pressure differential because the bottom end of the tube is open. The maximum theoretical vacuum that a peristaltic pump can create is -1 atmosphere, which at sea level is equal to 14.7 psi and equivalent to a 32 foot water column. In reality, the maximum lift the best peristaltic pumps generate in the field is about 27 feet (8.2 m) at sea level and this will decrease with increasing elevation.

These pumps offer the advantage of simplicity in the field and the only component which is dedicated to the monitoring well is typically a piece of small diameter tubing which is very inexpensive. Additionally, flow with these pumps can be regulated easily making them quite suitable for low flow sampling.

Since peristaltic pumps apply a negative pressure to the water column, care must be used when collecting samples for VOC analysis since degassing is a possibility.

The Spectra Field-Pro features a heavy-duty, all-inclusive design. This means no external cables,chargers or batteries to worry about.

Let’s get started...

Make sure your water level is not below the lift capabilities of the pump

You will need tubing for down the “hole” AND peristaltic tubing for the pump head itself

Waterra Words of Wisdom

  • Peristaltic pumps use suction lift so are limited to about 27 feet (8.2 m)
  • Charge up your unit after field use so you are ready to go to the field
  • Waterra HDPE and LDPE Tubing can be dedicated to the well
  • We have two sizes of peristaltic tubing to help fine tune your desired flow rate

Built For Field Use

Spectra Field-Pro Peristaltic Pump - case closed

Weighing in at 29lbs/13 kg (including the battery), the Spectra Field-Pro’s powder coated aluminum case has heavy duty latches, hinges and handle.

Spectra Field-Pro Peristaltic Pump - storage compartmentt

The case has a built in storage compartment which can hold a field book as well as the two power cables that come with the Field-Pro.

Spectra Field-Pro Peristaltic Pump - voa stand

The case also incorporates a stand for sample bottles. A rubber gasket around the inside of the case lid helps keep the elements out while it’s closed.


  • EZ-Load pump head design – prevents stretching or jamming of silicon tubing; no screws to handle
  • heavy duty construction – constructed with top quality components
  • battery included – will run all day at full strength; outlasts competition
  • built-in VOA stand – allows easily sampling without spillage
  • advanced electronic flow controller – maintains a steady flow rate regardless of battery voltage; will not cut out during low flow sampling
  • pump head angled on top of unit – for ease of operation; prevents clean tubing from soilage
  • built-in storage compartment – for charging cables, field book, tools, well key, etc.
  • all cables included

Masterflex Pump Head

The Masterflex EasyLoad II pump head is robust – especially for environmental work. The peristaltic tubing is simply placed into the pump head channel and the head is then closed by moving the lever over to the opposite position. Next, sample tubing is attached to the peristaltic tube and the unit may be turned on.

Spectra Field-Pro

Dimensions16.5"L x 10.5"W x 9"H
Weight29 lbs (13 kg)
Compatible Tubing SizesMasterflex sizes 15 through 36
Approximate Flow Rate50-1900 ml/min
Battery Life at Low Flow14 hours
Battery Life at High Flow9 hours

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